Automotive parts

automotive fasteners, engine components, and more

Engine and mission Components

We supply superior components for today's state-of-the-art lightweight, compact, high performance engines that help meet the growing demand for environmentally friendlier automotive engines.

Differential Components

We supply superior components for automotive drivetrain control systems that meet today's requirements for lightweight, compact, high performance vehicles that provide a clean and comfortable driving experience.

Brake Components

Automobiles today require higher levels of engine and braking performance than ever before. We supply high performance components for brake systems including antilock brake components.

Body and Chasse Components

We supply a wide variety of body and chasse components including brackets and hinges for vehicle bodies, accessories and modules, wheel nuts for fastening hub caps, and other bolts, plugs and springs.

Interior/Exterior Components

Consumer needs for enhanced comfort and safety are becoming more sophisticated by the day. Our high performance parts used for console box hinges, reclining levers and door latches are made from a wide variety of materials such as metal, resin and composites to realize maximum driving comfort.

IT and Communications Device Parts

mobile phone hinges, and more

Mobile Phone Hinges

Mobile phones, now an essential part of everyone's lives, require hinge mechanisms that meet the unique requirements of being lightweight, compact, high performing and durable. Ohashi Technica was the first company in Japan to introduce mobile phone hinge mechanisms to the Japanese market and has since been supplying products to an increasing number of mobile phone manufacturers around the world. We will continue to be a leading supplier as we expand our arena from mobile phones to include handheld gaming devices and other products that are essential to our daily lives.

Other IT and Communications Device Parts

Demand for precision components remains high in a number of areas other than our key markets of automotive and information technology where our products have been highly rated.
The secret behind our high performance parts lies in the combination of advanced materials with cutting edge processing technologies.