Ohashi Technica's Compliance Guidelines have been implemented across the company to facilitate employee compliance with laws and regulations as well as social rules and etiquette as a responsible member of the global community.


Compliance Guidelines


  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    We act in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, social norms, as well as company rules and regulations as a responsible corporate citizen and member of the global community.
  2. Respect for Human Rights
    We respect human rights and reject any form of discrimination or harassment.
    We respect the individuality and differences of other people and work to create a warm and open work environment.
  3. Protection of Global Environment
    We comply with laws and regulations related to environmental conservation and engage in environmentally sound corporate activities.
  4. Protection of Privacy
    We maintain strict control over all confidential information related to the company, its customers and employees information and will not disclose such information to any third party or use it for any purpose beyond the scope of our business operations.
    We will not seek to gain any unauthorized access to other's personal information or infringe upon their intellectual property rights.
  5. Conflicts of Interest
    We prohibit any employee from engaging in any activity that conflicts with the interests of the company by giving priority to the interests of our competitors or partners, or taking part in any business transaction in which he/she stands to gain personally.
    We prohibit the use of company property or information systems for any purpose beyond the scope of normal business operations.
  6. Insider Trading
    We strictly prohibit the illegal act of insider trading, because it is illegal and would harm the relationship of trust established with our investors, partners and customers.
    We will not engage in any act of insider trading.
  7. Criminal Elements
    We will not conduct business with any organizations involved in activities that are in violation of the law or accepted standards of responsible social behavior, such as sokaiya (corporate blackmailers) and organized crime groups, or any parties that associate with such organizations.
  8. Good Accounting Practices
    We will maintain good accounting practices that accurately reflect the business transactions of the company.
  9. Reporting of Violations
    We insist that any suspected possible violation of these Guidelines be reported to either the Compliance Risk Management Team, corporate auditor, or compliance attorney.