1. What We Do
We develop and provide socially beneficial and environmentally friendly products and services with the awareness that environmental efforts constitute an essential part of our activities and our existence as a corporation.
We engage in fair and transparent business activities.


2. Working Together with Our Communities
We actively engage in philanthropic and other activities of social benefit as a good corporate citizen. We respect the culture and customs of foreign countries and strive to manage our overseas activities in such a way as to promote and contribute to the development of local communities.


3. Working Together with Our Customers
We develop and provide socially beneficial products and services that are superior in quality, safety and environmental performance based on the needs of our customers, always with the vision of gaining their satisfaction and trust.


4. Working Together with Our Partners
We strive to build strong bonds with our partner companies.


5. Working Together with Our Shareholders
We engage in the active and fair disclosure of corporate information not only to our shareholders but also to the public at large.


6. Working Together with Our Employees
We respect the individuality and differences of our employees and strive to create a safe and comfortable workplace that ensures the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees.


7. Working Against Criminal Elements
We reject all associations with criminal elements and organizations that pose a threat to our communities.


8. Work of the Management Team
Our management team assumes the responsibility for implementing this charter and taking all necessary steps to inform all stakeholders of our responsibilities. Our management team also strives to heed the voices of all our stakeholders, both internal and external, and promote the development and implementation of systems that will contribute to the achievement of outstanding ethical business practices.

In the event of any violation of this charter, our management team will investigate the cause for such a violation, develop reforms to prevent recurrence, and make information regarding their planned reforms available to the public.