Corporate Governance

We operate around the world with a commitment to building consumer trust on a foundation of solid development proposals. Working with a clear vision toward being a responsible corporate citizen and a commitment to fair and transparent business practices, we continually strive to build a brighter future for everyone. We believe this commitment will earn us the trust of our shareholders, investors, customers, partners and communities as we do everything we can to live up to their expectations. Ensuring excellent standards of corporate governance is essential to fulfilling our mission and is a key priority.

Providing Products that Satisfy Clients' Needs

Ohashi Technica is committed to providing the finest quality products and services to our customers. Consistent with our quality policy we will continue to enhance the quality assurance technology we have attained and provide products that will satisfy the needs of our customers and their end users in order to make a positive impact on our communities.

Quality Policy

General Principle

All of us at Ohashi Technica are committed to delivering 100% satisfaction to our customers around the world via superior quality.

Basic Quality Policy

  1. Make continuous improvements based on customer needs in order to build a better quality management system.
  2. Enhance the quality of people's skills and ensure that it translates into enhanced product quality.
  3. Aim and work toward achieving higher quality.

Quality Assurance System

Ohashi Technica products are mainly precision components and supplied to a wide range of customers in the automotive and information technology industries. All of our operational bases throughout the world are ISO9001 certified in order to ensure consistent quality assurance and control.


Our head office's Quality Assurance Division provides instructions and assistance to facilitate quality assurance activities at all of our operational bases.