Code of Conduct

The Ohashi Technica Charter of Corporate Behavior spells out specific guidelines that will lead all employees toward fulfilling our mission of generating additional value to further establish Ohashi Technica as a trusted company to our global customers.


We comply with the spirit and letter of all laws and regulations of every country in which we conduct business with a clear focus on maintaining the highest ethical standards every step of the way. Ohashi Technica is not merely an economic entity pursuing profits through fair competition, but also as a social entity that makes a contribution to society at large.


Our corporate governance practices continually focus on conducting sound business operations on a global scale that are completely transparent and in full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.
Our Charter of Corporate Behavior outlines specific principles that guide us in acting as a responsible corporate citizen. We have also established Compliance Guidelines to facilitate compliance with laws and regulations as well as social rules and codes of etiquette that each of our employees must embrace as responsible members of the global community.

Ohashi Technica's Compliance Risk Management Division strives to ensure compliance through the implementation of compliance education and training, as well as the provision of internal and external consultation services.


As part of our continuing commitment to our social responsibility we continually:


  1. Review our Charter of Corporate Behavior and Compliance Guidelines, as well as monitor our compliance status
  2. Provide public as well as internal access to management policies
  3. Develop organizational systems for promoting company-wide initiatives
  4. Enhance employee support services
  5. Enhance of compliance training

Taking Compliance One Step Further

As part of our effort to further ensure compliance, we ask our corporate directors and managerial level employees to sign a Compliance Pledge as a way to reaffirm each of our employees' commitment to compliance.


In October 2006 we introduced the Compliance Hotline, linking employees to an external independent organization and the Compliance Risk Management Team. In an effort to help employees work in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and internal rules as well as enlighten them of their social responsibilities. The Compliance Hotline provides consultation services for employees when they are not sure whether the business activities they are going to perform meet legal and ethical standards. It also serves as a contact point for reporting suspected instances of non-compliance. These initiatives demonstrate the total commitment of Ohashi Technica toward maintaining complete legal compliance in all of their business activities.

Compliance Training

At the root of our compliance efforts lies compliance training. We conduct company-wide bimonthly compliance training covering various topics.